About Us

Sutton Contracting has been perfecting parking lots for overĀ 30 years in Harrisburg, PA area. We believe in providing quality services, specializing in parking lot maintenance such as Line Painting, Seal Coating and Sweeping.


Jeffrey Sutton started in 1974 working for Sutton Brothers focusing on paving, seal coating, line painting and sweeping. In 1986 we bought the line painting division from Sutton Brothers; Sutton Contracting was born. In 2000 we added seal coating to our services. After the closing of Sutton Brothers in 2006, Sutton Contracting expanded its services by adding more employees, patching, paving and cinder sweeping to its organization. In 2007 we added another service, nightly sweeping, to our company. So today we are happy to say that we still provide the same great quality that we did over 25 years ago.

Jeff Sutton and his original blue van
Jeff Sutton and his original blue van (click for larger image)