Line Painting

We provide line painting services for large areas in PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA.
(See our map below.)

What we can do:

  • Layout, Re-stripe, Design Lots:

    • Layout -> Paint lines on a freshly paved parking lot.
    • Re-stripe -> Re-paint the existing lines on the pavement.
    • Design Lots -> Using blue prints for new buildings or freshly paved lots, we arrange parking spaces for maximum use and accident prevention in/around your facilities.
  • Run Multiple Jobs:

    • We have multiple equipment sets and crews.
    • We can support multiple locations.
  • Penn DOT Compliance:

    • We meet all of the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) requirements.
    • We can supply Penn Dot paint and glass beads
  • Traffic Control Stencils:

    • We have stencils to meet all of your traffic control needs.
    • Stencils enhance safety and functionality.
    • Stencils are placed on the ground and painted.
    • Arrows, symbols, numbers, words all available.
  • Accessibility Compliance

    • We are up to code on accessibility laws.
    • Let us help you with questions like:
      • How many handicapped spaces do you need in your parking lot?
      • Where should the spaces be located?
      • How should the spaces be marked?
      • Do you need handicapped signs?
      • Which signs do you need? Where should they be placed?
  • Thermal Plastic Installation:

    • We can support thermal plastic installation for your parking lot.
    • Thermal plastic is heated and adhered to the pavement.
    • Longer lasting than painted lines, but more expensive.

The best seasons for Line Painting are: Spring, Summer and Fall.

Call us at 717-582-7753 to get started today!

Our approximate service area for line painting

Our approximate service area for line painting.
(click for larger image)